Dear Filly: ‘Is it rude to reject offered money?’


Dear Filly,

Is it rude to say no to a friend who offers to buy me food or give me money when I’m broke? I struggle a lot and my friends constantly offer to help, but I’m usually too embarrassed to accept. One of my friends thinks I’m being rude, but I think it would be rude to constantly take their hard earned money. Who is right?


Strapped for Cash


Dear Strapped for Cash,

I’ve been in your position more times than I can count, and while it’s normal to feel ashamed about accepting help from people when you’re in a rough spot, it’s also important to remember that everyone struggles, and your friends who are trying to help you are doing it because they care. I wouldn’t say you are being rude by any stretch of the imagination, but remember that when they offer to help, they are doing it because they care about you. It’s not about pity, and there is nothing for you to be ashamed of.


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