This upcoming spring, students will have the opportunity to study abroad in Argentina. From March 16-23, 2019 the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources will host an Agribusiness seminar. Assistant professor Dr. Lucia Ona Ruales will take 12 students with her to Argentina.

     The class is titled GLST 3700 or Global Study in Argentina. It is worth three credit hours, and Dr. Ona said it will work for any major. The trip will occur during spring break and any interested students are encouraged to apply. Students going on the study abroad trip will meet once a week leading up to the Argentina trip. During these meetings, students will prepare for their time in Argentina and their learning outcomes. Students also have the opportunity during these meetings to apply for various scholarships that will help fund their study abroad costs.

      Dr. Ona mentioned that the STEPS program is offering a scholarship for the trip. To be eligible for study abroad, students must have a 2.0 institutional GPA (minimum) and be at least 18 years old. Eligible students must fill out required forms and pay any fees before the due date.

      The package for the Argentina study abroad trip includes round-trip airfare, accommodations, insurance, and entertainment. Students will depart from Atlanta and arrive in Buenos Aires. Accommodations include all meals and hotels in Buenos Aires, Venado Tuerto, and Rosario. Students will also be accompanied by a tour guide and interpreter throughout the trip. While in Buenos Aires, students also get to enjoy a tango dinner and show.

      The study abroad trip offers students a look at some of Argentina’s most important agribusiness sites. Places of interests include Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Congreso de la Nacion, Rizobacter, Crucianelli, Dow AgroSciences, Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario among others. Some of these places are important government facilities, markets, manufacturers, farms, and plants.

      After the trip ends, students will write a paper and prepare a poster about what they learned while in Argentina. Study abroad helps broaden students’ horizons and gain new perspectives. For more information about the spring semester, 2019 Argentina study abroad trip contact Dr. Lucia Ona Ruales at 229-391-5146 or

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