Students had the opportunity to party, without alcohol, at ABAC’s Lakeside dorms during the first “Cup Games” hosted on Sep, 5. The RHA put together the event in hopes of showing students, on campus, that alcohol is not necessary to have a good time.

Tables were set up around the lobby with different games at each station such as “Flip Your Lid,” “This Blows,” or “Stack Attack,” The most popular game of the evening was “Cup Pong,” which was an imitation of the classic party-game ‘“Beer Pong”.

Students also had the opportunity to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails such as the classic “Shirley Temple,” “Virgin Mimosas,” or fruity “Safe Sex on The Beach.” After they would order a drink, students were asked to sign one of the many posters on the pillars throughout the lobby.

Students participate in RHA event. Photo credit Billy Malone

Each poster stated facts and statistics about the dangers of alcohol and the influence it could have on college students.

“This is our first time actually putting together this particular event,” Said McKenzie Lewis, a member of the RHA, “we did something similar in the past when we served mocktails at the ‘No Booza Palooza’.”

Students often see college as the perfect time to experiment with alcohol, which makes drinking a common ritual among most students during their years in school. Studies show that while most students arrive at college already having some experience with alcohol, it’s not uncommon for their drinking habits to intensify.

Events on campus such as the “Cup Games” are important because they raise awareness of the consequences of alcohol, while also showing students that you can have a fun time just being surrounded by friends and not drinking.

“We really just want people to stay safe and realize that you can still get together with friends and have fun without getting drunk.” Said Lewis.

The RHA provides campus-wide events that are drawn from the interest of students. There will be more events like the “Cup Games” in the future.

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