Along with the growth of ABAC’s liberal arts programs, there has been an increase in both the number of activities and organizations available to students on campus with an interest in liberal arts. One of the newest organizations in the History and Government Club, where students with an interest in history and politics can interact, learn, and travel. While the club grew from the recently formed Bachelor’s program in History and Government, membership is open to students from all schools and programs. The club joins organizations, such as the Law Club and Mock Trial Team, that are expanding the opportunities for students around campus.

The History and government club hosted its first meeting of the semester on Aug. 29, with an attendance of more than twenty students. While the club first met in the Spring, it had not yet gained official approval from ABAC, so this first meeting was a milestone. The meeting introduced new members to the club and officers and gave the opportunity for students to add suggestions for activities, trips, and goals. Club president Britt Fuller is a senior History and Government major who hopes to pursue a masters degree and teach history after graduation.

“The inspiration for starting the club came from a class discussion about how there wasn’t a club available for History and Government majors. Plus, a lot of the History and Government students have close relationships with one another because we have so many classes together, and it created a medium for us to do things that interest us together.” Fuller says that the club goals, for now, are simple: “to reach out to as many people that love History and Government as possible.” Her hope is that upperclassmen members will be able to mentor younger members and offer help with papers, choosing classes and career paths.

Currently there are plans in the works for the club to participate in Constitution Day events and take a few trips around the state. Clubs like History and Government are an important step forward for ABAC’s liberal arts programs. Fuller believes that this club could make a huge impact on campus, and is excited to see what the future holds. “This is an important club for our campus because everyone has a history, and everyone is affected by the government, so it’s a club that a lot of different students can connect to. It has the potential to be one of the most diverse clubs on campus.”

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