Love for Alex Strangelove


     Lately, Netflix has not been slacking when it comes to releasing good content, and Alex Strangelove is no exception. The movie came out over the summer and quickly gained popularity on multiple websites such as Tumblr and Twitter.

     Like many other teen movies, Alex Strangelove starts off with the common trope of losing one’s virginity. Alex is a high school senior with a girlfriend that claims she’s been trying to “devirginize” Alex for a long time. As they are preparing for their first time they attend a party where Alex befriends Elliot, a guy from the other side of town who happens to be gay. This new friendship sends him into a series of events which lead him on a journey of self-discovery. It shows the struggle of growing up in a heteronormative world where straight seems like the only option. Alex’s story is one that many LGBT individuals may be able to see themselves in as it is something that many go through before coming to terms with their identity.

     The movie is funny and a lot of it is reminiscent of reading a young adult novel. There almost seems as if there are two plots going on throughout the movie. One being Alex’s journey of self-discovery, the other plot centering on trying to find a frog with hallucinogenic properties that was accidentally released at the party.

     This is not a movie that you would want to watch with your family. The humor can be crude and there are a couple of scenes that could make a family movie night uncomfortable. But if you are ever in need of a funny movie to watch with some friends that also has serious elements, then Alex Strangelove is the perfect movie.

     It’s very refreshing to see an LGBT movie that isn’t tragic. Though Alex Strangelove handles difficult issues like sexual identity and coming out, the movie manages to stay somewhat lighthearted and comedic. Though it is a teen comedy full of sex jokes and mature conversation, the movie stands out due to its LGBT themes. Even though the movie deals with LGBT topics it is not strictly a gay movie. The characters are diverse, and the humor is for everyone no matter what they identify as. Hopefully, this movie will pave the way for a broader range of LGBT movies because tragic stories get old and depressing.

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