The Agricultural Clubs hosted their annual School of AG and Natural Resources Club picnic last Monday and introduced their clubs incoming freshmen and transfer students. The clubs gave out free food and blared music in the hopes of attracting students. The event was funded by the clubs themselves with donations for the food and allowed club presidents and advisors to show what they’ve got.

     Focused on recruiting new students for their clubs, the picnic was an area to meet new people and make connections. The picnic also allowed incoming students a way to find a club that shared an interest in their area of study. The Dean of the School of Agriculture, Mark Kesler, said “There are a lot of benefits for joining any clubs or organizations on campus. The biggest one is starting your professional network.”

Dr. Kesler at the Ag Picnic. Photo courtesy of School of Ag and Natural Resource Facebook page.

  Some of larger clubs that were recruiting at the ag picnic were the Agronomy Club, Cattlemen’s Association, Forestry, and Wildlife Clubs. These clubs offer students a chance to develop leadership skills like conducting meetings and setting up the fundraiser.

    Students enjoyed the event, with many freshmen eager to attend future events, such as the Ag banquet in the spring, which gives members of the ag community a chance to celebrate their accomplishment throughout the year and honor notable members.

    President Cade Houston of the Beekeepers Association also commented on the importance of gaining connections to people in different agricultural fields.

    While many clubs are out there recruiting new members, this isn’t seen as a competition between the clubs as they all help each other and host events together. President Houston said “All clubs work together and help each other where they can. They’re basically a big family.”

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