This season the fillies played a scrimmage game against Wesleyan where the Fillies won 3-2.

     On Wednesday, August 29 the fillies played South Georgia State College, and those girls showed no mercy. The game as a whole was a great game, where both teams pushed back and forth. In the first 20 minutes, South Georgia scored three points putting them in the lead.

     Just before the end of the first half, with a minute and thirteen seconds remaining the Fillies put their first point on the board. During halftime, because of the weather, the coach announced that the rest of the game was canceled. However, before the clouds cleared up, and the storm passed, they continued the game.

     Although the Fillies lost they never quit trying.

     While the second half wasn’t as action-packed, the Fillies did manage to score one more time, cutting the lead to one, but as the second half progressed the Eagles got the better of the Fillies and scored another goal near the end of the game.

     The next home game will be Wednesday, September 5, against Gordon State, and the game will begin at 5:00. The Fillies will then travel to Milledgeville to play against GMC on September 7.

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