Pro-chance, not pro-choice


     While abortion has been a taboo topic for the past century, no one likes to talk about the facts behind the opinions. According to Danyelle Hughes, the advancement director at Woman’s First Choice, located at the Pregnancy Care Clinic here in town, “Aborting the baby is actually the first option considered”.

      As stated in Care Net, Top 40 Abortion Statistics; from 1973 to 2017, more than 57 million lives have been lost to abortion. Care net states it is thought to be this way because the mothers have not been informed enough about their other options. While adoption is known to be another avenue in this situation, many mothers who even consider the abortion want the actual conception to disappear and adoption would mean carrying the child to full term which would rule this option out.

     Sadly, abortion is still considered more often. Care Net states in 2016, there were 17.3 infant adoptions per 1,000 abortions. While there are far more positive cases and stories of adoption, the rare and few horror stories that go around hinder any thought for most mothers to even consider it. Pregnancy care clinics should ideally start off with adoption as the initial option, if the mother is positive she doesn’t want to keep the child. Death should not be the “go to” if there are any other options.

     While there are many reasons people may stand for or against the option of abortion, one should know the real-life statistics behind each. A popular argument given, is what should happen in the case of pregnancy as a result of rape. A shocking fact on these cases is that only one percent of women who received an abortion reported that they were survivors of rape. It simply doesn’t happen as much as the public assumes.

     Another rationalization for a particular position is a moral or religious standpoint. Care Net states that 51 percent of women agree that churches do not have a ministry prepared to discuss options during an unplanned pregnancy, and 48% of self-identified evangelicals strongly agree that abortion is unbiblical. The choice between supporting pro-choice or pro-life is simply the choice between life and death of an innocent; that is what it comes down to.

     All situational aspects aside, there is a life in the balance. It’s ironic how every person that is pro-choice is indeed alive and has already been born. And that’s simply because the babies that were aborted have no voice because they weren’t given the chance. Is it nice having a voice isn’t it? Or an opinion? I am not Pro-Choice, I am Pro-Chance. Every child created at the very least deserves a chance.

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