After living in the Lakeside dorms for less than a month now, the fire alarms have already been set off twice. Both times were due to cooking incidents in the common area, which includes a full-size kitchen, lounge, and game room. It seems to be that college students share one thing in common: we usually suck at cooking. To avoid these incidents that involve people waking up at midnight via fire alarm because someone can’t cook properly, a club or organization with ABAC should organize a meeting or class to discuss basic cooking tips to keep from wreaking havoc in the kitchen.

     Once you learn how to cook, making your own meals will lead to a healthier lifestyle. There are endless options of what you can create in the kitchen. Knowing exactly what goes into your body makes it so much easier to maintain a diet, even though we all know we’re going to drop it for that slice of 14-layer German chocolate cake.

     You save a ton more money by buying food to cook in bulk and making your own meals. If you dedicate one day, not even the full day, to meal prep you won’t even need to worry about time management when it comes to cooking. It’s easier to maintain a proper portion control when you cook for yourself as well.

     Buying fast food all the time may seem like a cheap and easy option, but in the long run cooking for yourself is the best choice.

     Be honest with yourself, when you cook something and receive praise for it the feeling you get is euphoric. It boosts our self-confidence tenfold all while being beneficial to those who enjoy our creations. Impressing those around us will always inflate our ego, and that’s something that college students can’t get enough of.

     The ability to cook your own meals properly brings many advantages to the table. As young adults, we should consider that in the future we may need to entertain guests in our own homes. Knowing how to cook even the simplest things can be effective.

     Want to be the main talk of your friend group? Make an awesome dip from scratch and serve it at a party. Cooking is an outlet to reach out to more people, just try not to set off any fire alarms in the meantime.

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