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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Homecoming roped up with rodeo

     Horses stormed out of the gate, hooves thumping against the ground as their riders attempted to lasso a calf. The homecoming week...

Tiftarea Panthers leave the Eagles stunned (2-0)

     The Tiftarea Panthers had their first home game of the season and dominated the Terrell Academy Eagles on both sides of the...

Forest Lakes continues to be vital resource for ABAC

     The Forest Lakes Golf Club has been part of ABAC’s community for years. Owned by the ABAC Foundation and operated by ABAC,...

Sports Spotlight: Head Athletics Trainer Donna Sledge

     Having worked with ABAC for 15 years, Donna Sledge has always had the well-being of ABAC’s student-athletes on her mind. She started...

Sports Spotlight: Baseball Coach Brandon Reeder

     The Stallions baseball team went 34 years without winning a Georgia College Athletic Association (GCAA) State Title. It wasn’t until ABAC decided...