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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Currently Trending: Mental Illness

When did having a mental illness become a trend? I remember being in middle school in 2007 and everyone claiming to be Bipolar, though...

Is Biden’s Student Loan Plan Ca$h Money

According to the CNBC news organization, the collective debt of Americans exceeds $4 trillion for the first time in history. Student loans account for $1.5...

Mulan (2020) Was Terrible

When Mulan (2020) first came out I was, to say the least, completely uninterested in seeing it. Personally, I think animated films should be...

Clowns Are Good and Fun, Actually

I am willing to bet a not-insignificant amount of money that most of us remember the weird clown pranks that happened in 2016. There...

Opinion on Vaccinations in Tift County

Dear Editor, With the upcoming expansion of Georgia COVID-19 vaccinations to groups including K-12 teachers1, we think it is important to try and put our...