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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Democrats currently don’t look too hot for 2020

   With the 2020 election approaching, one question is present in the mind of voters: who will be the Democratic nominee?    At the time...

Authenticity doesn’t mean quality

When it comes to foreign food within the boundaries of the states, authenticity is a huge factor in deciding whether or not a restaurant...

Litter makes me bitter

     Littering is never justifiable. No matter how small your piece of trash is, it eventually adds up. While I’ve always known littering...

Food doesn’t grow in rows by itself

     While farmers provide food production and a backbone to the United States and countries everywhere, they continue to be looked down on...

Is Taking A Semester Off Right For You?

College is a stressful time for many undergraduate students, it’s a pivotal point of time in a young person’s life.  This stage of life...