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Thursday, September 23, 2021

And That’s Why We Drink: Live Experience

     Ghosts, true crime and wine? Sign you up, right? If all of those things sound like a good time to you, then...

The problem with skinny shaming

“Here. It looks like you need to eat this more than I do.” I looked down at the sandwich a girl placed before me...

Country music has lost its identity

     In a recent live stream promoting her new talk show, pop star Kelly Clarkson dropped a bombshell of a statement. In a...

Are mascots like the Redskins racist?

Around the U.S., there are sports teams with mascots that have something to do with Native Americans. We’ve all heard of the Seminoles, the...

Authenticity doesn’t mean quality

When it comes to foreign food within the boundaries of the states, authenticity is a huge factor in deciding whether or not a restaurant...