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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bitcoin is Bad for the World, Literally

Last semester, I was invited to tag along with a friend as he made a visit to his friend’s house. Before we went in,...

Social Media is the Cesspool of Society

As technology continues to evolve and society pushes onward toward the next big trend in popular culture, humanity finds itself plagued by the near...

The New Speed Bumps are Horrible

The ABAC parking situation is a battleground, where students fight for the few “good” parking spots that surround the dorms. There’s no lack of...

Dear Filly: “How do you feel about…”

  Dear Filly, How do you feel about the taxidermy in Britt Hall? Are they friends? Sincerely, Curious Cat     Dear Curious Cat, Well, they’re definitely MY close personal friends, but...

TikTok: The Best Worst Social Media

For the longest time, I refused to get a TikTok. I regarded it as a less funny Vine, aimed at people at least five...