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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Disco Elysium Has Complex Character Building

You are unconscious, floating unknowing through formless nothing. When you wake, you will not know where you are, or when you are, or who...

TikTok: The Best Worst Social Media

For the longest time, I refused to get a TikTok. I regarded it as a less funny Vine, aimed at people at least five...

Bitcoin is Bad for the World, Literally

Last semester, I was invited to tag along with a friend as he made a visit to his friend’s house. Before we went in,...

Dear Filly: ‘What is Your Favorite…’

  Dear Filly, What is your favorite food? Sincerely, Looking for Recommendations     Dear Looking for Recommendations, Raw fish. Sincerely, Filly Dear Filly, Where is the writing club? Sincerely, Wanting to Write Dear Wanting to Write, What kind of...

ABAC students show preference in online courses

By: Colton Creel: Staff Writer For the Summer 2022 semester, ABAC has a total of 1,338 students enrolled to take classes the semester. Out of...