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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Disenfranchisement in modern politics

Everyone’s vote counts, right? Of course, but not every vote has to be counted. This approach to voting is one the Kemp campaign, and...

Blood is not thicker than water

  Blood relation is the deepest connection possible in humanity, but the most important relationships to you and your mental health should instill happiness....

It’s important to believe victims

Believe victims. That phrase gets thrown around a lot and has been even more so with the recent nomination and subsequent appointment of Brett...

The rights of the accused should never be forgotten

What would you do if you went in for a job interview, only to be rejected due to someone making false claims of criminality...

The problem with skinny shaming

“Here. It looks like you need to eat this more than I do.” I looked down at the sandwich a girl placed before me...