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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Christmas should be cheerful, not dreadful

     I saw an article online the other day from one of my local news sources and found myself irritated by the content....

Seeking asylum is no longer safe

Say it with me: It is not illegal to seek asylum. This is a fact. The literal definition of asylum is, “the protection granted...

Missing: Two Basketball Goals

ABAC has many facilities and recreational areas for students to use and enjoy, like the gym or the tennis court, but many of these...

Litter makes me bitter

     Littering is never justifiable. No matter how small your piece of trash is, it eventually adds up. While I’ve always known littering...

The best thing for Dems? Dump Hillary Clinton

     As the 2020 election draws closer with each day and more new candidates enter the race, there have been growing murmurs about...