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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Why The Rise of Automation Frightens Me

It’s simply inescapable. Everywhere you go, any industry you observe, something will in some way be automated. Check-out lanes in grocery stores are now...

What Could Make Thrash Gym Better?

Thrash Gym is very popular with the student population here at ABAC. It has dozens of visitors a day and is a great place...

Why Russian interference matters

     The fact that Russia interfered with any election should be alarming for any democratic country. Today’s voters, however, remain convinced that Vladimir...

And That’s Why We Drink: Live Experience

     Ghosts, true crime and wine? Sign you up, right? If all of those things sound like a good time to you, then...

Vic Mignogna and the crime of being too nice

     If you are a fan of video games or anime, chances are you may have encountered the name Vic Mignogna at one...