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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Top ABAC health issues

     Students at ABAC may have noticed emails regularly coming in, reminding them that they have been selected to participate in the National...

Minority communities organize for Abrams

Georgia’s gubernatorial race has brought minority communities to the forefront of the fight for a decision that would greatly impact their lives. Seemingly affected...

Manna Drop provides Thanksgiving dinners

     Students from ABAC and the Tifton Fire Department joined forces to feed 400 families the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day. For seven years...

$500 valued prize won at Midterm Concert

     On Sept. 27, the Stallion Newspaper and Espresso 41 hosted a midterm concert featuring live music, games and a raffle for two...

Students pick three professors to be slimed

     Since schooling began, students have tried to think of ways to get back at their instructors. This year, the ABAC STEM club...