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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

GSA Hay Bale entry vandalized

(Updated) This year’s ABAC Horticulture Club hay bale contest was subject to acts of hate when ABAC’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) hay bale, a rainbow sheep,...

Black Lives Matter: Tifton, GA

Tifton’s Black Lives Matter demonstration this summer was deemed so successful that organizers are saying that the community needs more events. “I felt in my...

ABAC bids farewell to beloved music director

     “I have a passion for music and for directing. When I get on that podium and I start directing, even when I’m...

ABAC mourns the death of Chandler Brock Kuck

Vogue Fashion, TJ Maxx Macarons, and witty sarcasm come to mind when Hailey Glover and Teddi Pope remember their friend Chandler Brock Kuck. “He...

ABAC Fails Sexual Harrasment Victim

By: Chasidy Ruth Editor-In-Chief Bethany Rentz is a survivor of sexual harassment, which she overcame during her time in high school. Unfortunately, Bethany would allegedly be...