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Thursday, July 29, 2021

ABAC celebrates Black History Month

“To me, Black History Month is a celebration of people who look like me being able to take up space in this country. It...

RHA food pantry receives $6,000 grant

In the summer of 2019, Sarah Herring, Residence Life Coordinator, wrote and received a $6,000 grant for the food pantry and closet located at...

ABAC clubs rush into a new semester

      This semester, ABAC’s student groups put together another Club Rush. This event provides students with an opportunity to discover new clubs...

Manna Drop provides Thanksgiving dinners

     Students from ABAC and the Tifton Fire Department joined forces to feed 400 families the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day. For seven years...

GSA’s response ‘We’re not going anywhere’

     Slurs against gay rights supporters and alleged vandalism to a hay bale decorated as a rainbow sheep for an ABAC contest sparked...