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Thursday, March 4, 2021

‘First Tuesday’ performs at ABAC

On Oct. 2nd, ABAC hosted their second event for the First Tuesday Series. The event was “All That Jazz” and featured ABAC’s former jazz...

“How Far is Tattoo Far?”

Imagine giving someone the power to tattoo anything they want on any part of your body. It’s honestly a scary feeling because all it...

A first look at the new season of ‘South Park’

“South Park” has been building the anticipation for its new season. In the weeks before its premiere, the ads for “South Park” filled Comedy...

Ruth’s Cottage spreads awareness of domestic abuse

Since 1981, October has been known as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Ruth’s Cottage, located in Tifton, came to ABAC’s campus to spread awareness of...

Teacher Spotlight: Audrey Luke Morgan

     “My birthmark is shaped like a peanut.  I was destined for a career in agriculture from the start!” said Dr. Luke Morgan. ...