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Monday, April 12, 2021

Should you switch to the Switch?

Nintendo has always been the king in portable gaming. I remember playing on a Game Boy Advance back when I was in elementary school....

CW reboots 1998’s “Charmed”

On Oct. 14, the CW rebooted the show “Charmed”, which originally aired in 1998. The show begins when Maggie and Mel Vera discover the...

Netflix series ‘‘Big Mouth’’ releases second season

Going through changes? Maybe you should watch “Big Mouth”. On Oct. 5, season two of “Big Mouth” was released on Netflix. The series is...

DJ Simba brings new music to ABAC

Music has hit ABAC’s campus, but it’s not from the ABAC Band or ABAC Choir. Student Matthew Allen hits the ABAC radio, WPLH 101.3...

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

I seem to be noticing a trend among people to distrust film critics growing these days. To me, it seems like people are opting...