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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Dear Filly: ‘One of my online professors…’

Dear Filly, One of my online profesors is deadly boring. How can I tell him to speed it up because I’m falling asleep? I’m afraid...

Dear Filly: ‘What is Your Favorite…’

  Dear Filly, What is your favorite food? Sincerely, Looking for Recommendations     Dear Looking for Recommendations, Raw fish. Sincerely, Filly Dear Filly, Where is the writing club? Sincerely, Wanting to Write Dear Wanting to Write, What kind of...

Dear Filly: ‘Why do veterans have their…’

Dear Filly,      Why do veterans have their own special success center on campus? What about the rest of the students? I sit and...

Dear Filly: ‘What happens if…’

Dear Filly, What happens if I park in the “VISITOR” parking space outside of D-hall and Carlton? Sincerely, Confused Car       Dear Confused Car, All of ABAC’s staff and...

Dear Filly: ‘Is it rude to reject offered money?’

Dear Filly, Is it rude to say no to a friend who offers to buy me food or give me money when I’m broke? I...