New ABAC Cross-Country Coach Set For The Fall Semester


By: Colton Creel: Staff Writer

For the Summer Semester, some ABAC students have been training for the upcoming cross-country season. Coach Michael Beeman, who was hired as the new cross-country coach earlier this year. Beeman, who worked at Tift County High School for many years, has experience in the running sport. Beeman has been teaching students his whole career, but also been running in the Boston Marathon for the past 45 years. Now he has decided to take what he has learned over the years to teach at ABAC.

Beeman says that right now, “there are nine girls and five boys that are currently on the ABAC cross-country team for the Fall semester.” Beeman is open for any other ABAC students who want to run for the school, to join the cross-country team. Beeman says that “all the current students that are scheduled to be a part of the cross-country team are expected to be running and training for the season.”

Currently, there are four cross-country meets scheduled in the Fall semester, with the season running from September 1st, and ending on November 1st. Beeman says that the first meet is scheduled at Georgia Military College (GMC). Beeman says that he “plans to have practice with all the cross-country students at the beginning of the semester, and he will schedule different practices in the mornings and afternoons based on the student’s class schedule.”

Beeman says that he is “very excited for the semester, as it is the first semester for Beeman as an ABAC staff member, and it will be the first semester for a track and field team that will be at the ABAC campus.” If you want to be a part of the new ABAC cross-country team, you can contact Coach Michael Beeman at

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