Seasoned ABAC Leadership Creates Team to Lead the School Into a New Administrative Era

Photo of Donna Webb via ABAC

ABAC will be having some personnel changes beginning in the upcoming school year. Along with the addition of new ABAC President, Tracy L. Brundage, the other personnel changes are as follows:
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Provost Dr. Jerry Baker has worked to help provide a Presidential transition between former president Dr. Bridges and new President Dr. Brundage at the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester. Dr. Baker retired in May but decided to stay on until Dr. Brundage arrived in her position. A team of ABAC faculty to help Dr. Baker include: Vice President Amy Willis, Donna Webb, and Mark Johnson: academic deans Elad, Ross, Anderson, and Kistler, and assistance from Nancy Brannen and Brenda Doss. When Dr. Brundage arrives, there will be a time gap before a new provost, and vice president can be hired. Amy Willis spent additional time with Dr. Baker over the summer to create continuity and transition into the provost’s office until President Brundage named a new one.
The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs: Ms. Donna Webb – With the recent retirement of Bernice Hughes, the Dean of Students’ responsibilities, will be directed to Ms. Donna Webb. Donna Webb is the current Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and will restructure her role as AVP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Responsibilities related to her roles can be delegated to others under her supervision.
Acting VP for Communications and Transition: With ABAC preparing for many changes, including the closing of the fiscal year 2022, starting the fiscal year 2023, bringing in a new academic year, and undergoing a presidential transition, Communication with internal and external shareholders is vital to making sure the changes are successful. Mr. Mike Chason has been named the Acting VP for Communications and Transition. Mr. Chason has served the college for more than 40 years

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