The ABAC women’s soccer team has definitely had their ups and downs this season, only winning two out of their four games. However, this record is not as bad as it seems. The team got off to a slow start with barely enough players for a team, but with the addition of the new head coach has helped ease these difficult times. The rest of the season is looking up for these young athletes.

     At the start of the 2018 season, there were only nine players on the team, and for the first time in ABAC history, they had to hold tryouts for the soccer team. Throughout these tryouts, four players were picked up for the team. Now having thirteen players, the team is still in need of several more subs.

      In an interview with holding midfielder Kaitlin Herrington, she said, “We have thirteen players, normally on a team, you want to have 20 or 21 players.” This would allow starting and injured players to be subbed out.

      Over the summer, ABAC hired Coach Aliriza Sisman. Sisman is originally from Turkey where he found his love for soccer when he played with other kids in Turkey. He has been coaching soccer for five years and is now coaching for United Football Academy and ABAC.

     When talking to Co-captain Nadia Kuchambi about Coach Sisman’s style, she said, “We do a lot of tactical plays, we use more of the ball than we did before.”

     Although the soccer team had gotten off to a rough start, anyone who has seen them play or seen them at practice can see how much they have improved throughout this season. Sisman recalls an experience that showcases the improvements made by the team.

     “In our first game we played South Georgia State College, and they beat us four to two. The last game we played them again and beat them two to zero. And the important thing was not the score, the important thing was how we played. We attacked from the back, we passed, we switched the ball and we put ourselves into positions to score.”

      The next game is Friday, Oct. 5th against Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Georgia at 5:00 PM.

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